Welcome to Marketing Spot

Since 2001 we've been building websites. Lots and lots of websites. So we decided to make a website builder that's easy,  fast, and builds amazing professional websites. Now this awesome website builder allows us to build websites for you really fast and cheap. We'll choose from our highest quality template base. Then we'll get started on making it have the colors and style you like. We'll add images to make it looks amazing and we'll make sure it's made smart to get your message, service, or product in the right place. It will even have free SEO set up and links to social media accounts if you have them.

Sneak peek at our template base here: Template Demos

Just click Hire us!, fill out the form and we'll contact you with the details on getting started. Prices start at just $350 a year and include getting the website set up professionally and monthly updates for free!

We can even add ecommerce, scheduling, your YouTube videos, and so much more. Adding ecommerce may cost a little more to set up. Custom email and the domain name is included if needed.

Most websites take less than one week to complete and we take multiple payment forms including. Venmo, PayPal, and Crypto. We can also take major credit cards with an authorization form and a copy of your ID and the Card.

Have questions? Just click Hire us! and send us the form. We'll call or email you shorty to discuss details.

In case you're wondering.. Yes, this website was built with our website builder and would cost you just $350 a year.