Marketing Spot

What is Marketing Spot?

Marketing Spot is a Powerful Marketing Marketplace System.

It has the ability to easily connect Marketers & Clients.

Join as a marketer and make money selling skillful services. Join as a client to find your perfect marketing partner to grow your ideas.

How does Marketing Spot generate revenue?

Marketing Spot makes money by taking 12% of payments paid to Marketers.

How does Marketing Spot Pay Marketers?

We normally pay Marketers to their PayPal Emails. We can also pay with Bitcoin by request.

We normally pay within 4 days after the request.

How does Marketing Spot handle Disputes?

When a project is under dispute, the Admin will be notified.

Then the Admin, Client and the Marketer will start a dispute conversation in order to determine party at fault.

If the Party at fault is the Client, then the money will be awarded to the Marketer.

If the Party at fault is the Marketer, then the money will be returned to the Client.